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Message from CEO

Visa Advisor - Your Trusted Partner for Visa Services


I, Ejaz Sibtain, welcome all to Visa Advisor, your trusted brand for Visa application and other migration facilities. I have been delivering the best service to my trusted clients for past 20 years and it is my experience that helps me in delivering the top facility and hassle-free service. And it is under my guidance that the dedicated team of Visa Advisor is serving in the field of Immigration Consultancy and other related fields. Talking about the long-term plan, I tend to present the leading Visa provider, Immigration expert, Passport service Providers, FRRO Facilitator, and document legalization unit in India. With my experience of 20 years in the travel industry, I have taken this opportunity as a responsibility to deal with every hassle and provide the best service in obtaining visas for all travel purposes.Being aware of the difficulty, individuals face during the visa process due to lack of knowledge and proper consultancy. The process is a big hassle and tedious that costs time and money. Therefore it came as an idea to be a one-stop platform where people can get complete assistance and consultancy in the visa application process. I and my team of Visa Advisors are here to help people and every citizen of India obtain the visa for every travel purpose.

Believing in the need for a student visa for exposure and better education, I have managed to gather the best team who provide expert advice and assistance for Study visas across the world. I assure you of the best assistance and complete transparency in the visa approval process. My project- VISA ADVISOR is licensed under IATA and other recommended authorities of Embassies/High Commissions. I want my fellow client to understand that VISA approval depends on the local government authorities of the concerned country and we are trying our best to make it a hassle-free experience in the best way possible. We ensure to deliver the best. I and my organization have a track record of successful and prudent travel. Therefore the team of experts at VIA ADVISOR, working under my leadership has made it their mission to serve their clients from the very beginning to the very last step. Our assistance will be offering success in all your VISA needs, passport application and renewal, document legalization, immigration, FRRO facilities, and more as listed on the website. Being CEO of the company, I believe that just profit measuring is not the success of a real business and for a genuine Entrepreneur, but it is equally important, about how those numbers are achieved. VISA ADVISOR's statistics illustrate the company's knowledge of sustainable business, aligning responsibility with progress, productivity, and the professional services that clients will praise for a longer term. I likewise believe that I could never be able to reach and cover this long journey of delivering the best legal service. It is the combined effort of me and my team working with the best efforts 24x7. I trust that in the future, VISA ADVISOR will become one of the most trusted and professional VISA service providers.